Terri Symington,  ASID
Terri creates relaxed, sophisticated and beautiful interiors for discriminating clients
who want and expect the best in quality and originality.

"My focus and philosophy is to create a concept and design for my clients that will
have them just as excited about the ideas and possibilities as I am. The finished
spaces must be a reflection of the client and must enhance the client’s presence
when occupying them. Classic, timeless and sophisticated design…intended to be
lived in and enjoyed."

In addition to studying fine art and interior design, I draw upon a lifetime of passion
and experience with the arts… from being a dancer with a jazz/ ballet company, a
fashion illustrator, an art director with a well known home furnishings/fashion
catalog… into becoming an accomplished award winning interior designer. “The
accumulations of my experiences, travels, curiosity and the desire to keep learning
have shaped me as a designer.”

Interior design is much more than the selection of pretty things to be arranged in a
space… it is a multi-dimensional process, and it takes much more than education and
experience to become an excellent designer… it requires the innate ability to “see”
and “feel” what a space could become… even when the space merely exists on
paper… I always offer more than my clients expect to which they always say “Wow, I
would never have thought of that!”

T. Symington & Co. Interiors is a Houston Based company with projects throughout
Texas.  Service is available Nationally and Internationally.